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Aug 07 2010 - Being a cheapskate

I love shopping at the 100yen stores and dollar shops. They have a wide variety of stuff that are sold at low prices, and you can be a shopaholic without troubling your wallet. As a matter of fact, most of my tools and supplies are purchased from Daiso (with exception to paints, brushes, clay, crystals, findings). If there is a Daiso in your vicinity, or the online store offers shipping to your country, raid them.

Last week, I went shopping at Daiso, and here’s my loot:

Bento cutters in animal shapes. They are like cookie cutters, but they are made specifically for cutting stuff like nori (seaweed), cheese, rice. But I guess you can use them to cut cookie dough. And I use them to cut clay.

Craft magnets. Stick one behind your sweets and they become fridge magnets! Most awesome. My refrigerator is actually full of sweets right now because of this.

Erasers in different colours. You are probably wondering what erasers have got to do with sweets deco. Well, I use them to make this…

…candy sprinkles! Just cut them up in fine pieces, and you can decorate your doughnuts and cupcakes with it. And of course, your finished works will smell like fruits too. Scented erasers are my favourite stationery.

Now, these play a big part in my sweets making, especially pastries. Foundation sponges are very useful, let me show you how:

Tadaa~! I use foundation sponges for browning my cookies and biscuits. I tried to use the soft pastels method, but I kind of suck at it. Therefore, foundation sponges are godsent. Want to learn how to work that little makeup tool?

Step 1: take a sponge and cut it into smaller pieces. I cut mine into four pieces; one quarter of the original size is just enough for a session of browning.

Get ready your unfinished clay crafts. Just to show you how many biscuits I had to shade. These are pretty lopsided; I blame the clay on warping while drying.

Step 2: mix some brown paints. You’d want to use acrylic paint if you like to gloss your biscuits after browning them (I know I do), otherwise watercolour paints are okay too. Just don’t use enamel, or hobby paint as I like to call it. Those are only good for airbrushing.

You notice that I have two different shades of brown in my palette. You can use only one shade to brown your little thingimabobs, but well, whatever rocks your boat.

Step 3: dab your sponge in the paint, but just a little bit. This amount on my sponge is actually too much.

Step 4: dab off the excess paint. Use as little paint as possible, you just want to stain your biscuits and cookies, and not actually paint them like you paint your face (okay, weird analogy right there…).

Step 5: tap the sponge on the biscuit. Work around the border first, then work towards the inside of the biscuit. I’d like to call this technique pointillism, but I’ll spare you the fine arts lecture. One thing to note though, don’t rub the sponge on the biscuit, because then little pieces of sponge will stick on the surface of the biscuit.

Voila! This is my end result. Yours may vary, depending on how you work that sponge in step 5. Once you get the hang of it, it is as easy as painting your face (another weird analogy…).

And that’s it for today! Thanks for reading!

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