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Jul 27 2010 - Not dead yet

Come sit with me for some tea

No, I’m not dead yet. I’m just really bogged down by a lot of things going on in my life. And oh, I’ve just recovered from a terrible case of flu, complete with pounding migraines… but that’s besides the point. The point is, the weather in Singapore has been so terrible, lots of sun and warmth and humidity one minute, and then heavy downpour and strong cold winds the next. If I could I would stay cooped up at home and never go out to join the hundreds of thousands on the streets sneezing and coughing, but I can’t. Please take good care of yourselves as the weather this year is really the worst.

Alright, now that’s done, let’s talk about crafting. I’m still making fake sweets and pastries whenever I can, like the macarons you see up there. I’m also preparing to start an etsy store to sell some clay goods and doll-sized jewellery since I always make too much of everything and I can’t use all of them. I enjoy sculpting, making things, but I don’t enjoy stashing them away under my bed because I can’t use them.

I’m also preparing some tutorials which I think might be good for beginners… since I am an amateur myself, haha. One of them would be a macaron tutorial (no surprise right there, huh?), it’s one of the things I’ve learnt to make right recently. And then some tips and tricks from the 100yen store (yay!). I love 100yen stores and dollar shops, I can buy a truckload of things and my wallet won’t even cry, LOL.

Oh, also, I recently got myself a Dreamwidth journal. If you are a Dreamwidth user and too lazy to check your RSS reader, you can subscribe to my posts there. Entries from here will be cross-posted to there.

And that’s all for this entry guys. Let’s talk again soon!

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